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Online Intimacy

"It's a wonderful plan: We do not have to get each other's bad morning breath, yet we have fantastic breakfasts together every early morning like every other delighted couple.".

This is a description by Andy Warhol (August 6, 1928-February 22, 1987) in his composing The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) on his own his pre-internet "virtual relationship".

This kind of pre-internet "virtual relationship" was the start of exactly what we now understand as "virtual dating". Individuals can now link in a virtual dating environment going on a graphically enabled virtual date without leaving their homes. Find more info on www.shinykicks.com here.

This appears like a terrific innovation. You get in touch with a developed avatar - a developed profile where you can be better, more powerful, richer, attractive and intelligent. You can be whatever ever you wish to be. Then you can experience relationship-like connections without the troubles of an actual relationship. You do not have the bad early morning breaths of a reality partner or the issues of a mom in law. You can have some kind of connection without a long-term dedication. When you are tired with the connection you click away to the next intriguing avatar.

I believe this phenomena (as well as internet chat rooms, online dating sites and Facebook connections) has ended up being many individuals way of looking for connection and intimacy. Perhaps because it is convenient, but I am convinced it is not for the sake of benefit however rather an intimacy wound.

We have actually established an intimacy injury - a fear of rejection, relationship discomfort and difficulties, forgetting the art of RELATIONSHIP, CONNECTION and INTIMACY.

True intimacy can only exist where 2 people share their real self, dark self, gifts and sinfulness with each other. Real intimacy can only exist where people learn the art of flexible, siting with differences, doing the hard work through power struggles while being susceptible and open to the other individual. Intimacy can only exist where people re-engage with each other after differences.

My opinion - "Virtual Relationships" can produce some type of connection and relationship, but it will certainly never bring to life intimacy. We will be more alone than ever.

It appears to me - real connection is waking up with somebody's bad early morning breath, sharing coffee, understanding I am accepted and deeply loved the method I am.

May you look for genuine connection?

To revive the enjoyment of reconnection - to feel the anticipation of seeing your partner once more - to re-experience the love created by their touch - these feelings are all possible once more when you join me for two days in a personal couples therapy session.